Новый IDM-микс от гр. Земляничная Поляна


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RocketHub Partners With The Orchard To Fuel Music Industry Marketplace

RocketHub, the community where artists launch, fund, and fly their projects, has unveiled its partnership with The Orchard, the global distribution platform for independent music and video content owners.
As part of the Marketplace rollout, RocketHub will empower The Orchard users to seamlessly integrate their content and established assets to launch innovative crowdfunding campaigns via RocketHub’s global fundraising platform. RocketHub is proud to join music industry leaders such as FanBridge and SoundCloud in creating a foundational resource through The Orchard.
For more on the Marketplace: www.theorchard.com/marketplace

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MusicDish*China To Bring Swurv Radio To China's Hungry Urban Fans

SwurvRadio.com, one the world's most popular Internet radio stations has selected MusicDish*China to help develop its brand in Greater China, including Taiwan and Singapore. A leader in internet radio for over six years, SwurvRadio.com has received multiple awards & nominations, including four-time "Editor's Pick" on Microsoft's "Windows Media" channel.
"Having observed SwurvRadio.com develop its brand over the years, we're pleased to have the opportunity to extend its reach into one of the world's largest music markets and growing urban scenes," noted MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay. "We firmly believe that urban music will have a significant place in China's evolving music sector and plan to assist SwurvRadio play its role in that transformation."
MusicDish*China will build and manage SwurvRadio's online and social media presence in China, through leading portals such as Sina weibo and music site Douban as well as in Taiwan (Indevox) and Hong Kong (Alivenotdead). MusicDish*China will also help build partnerships with promoters and communities as well as developing content specific to China's urban music scene.
MusicDish*China has been developing a growing roster of bands in China, including Houston-based indie rock band PALE, Oslo's 80s glam rock band SEKS and Paris-based electro-jazz group South Froggies. For more information on MusicDish*China SNS marketing at http://china.musicdish.com/music/promo.php3

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LMS Records/Indart Music/Latin Music Specialist president, Daniel Indart, was presented with an Honorary Doctorate in Music Arts by Shepherd University, Los Angeles. Indart was honored with a PhD in Music Arts for his professional accomplishments in music for Film, Television, and Advertising. The award was presented by Dr. Yohan Pyon and Rev. Juan Carlos Ortiz in a ceremony held at the Mijoo Peace Church in Los Angeles.
In 2010, Indart was appointed to the Shepherd University School of Music faculty and has been working with the university to develop a Music Entrepreneurship and Music Production curriculum. Other noted music industry professionals on staff at Shepherd University are noted multi-instrumentalist Abraham Laboriel Sr., drummer, Jimmy Branley, and keyboardist, Otmaro Ruiz.
“As the music industry continues to evolve and change, especially in a digital world, it is imperative that musicians learn not only how to make music, but how to make money in the music industry and how to maximize their career potential and longevity in this business,” says Indart.”
For more information please visit, www.indartmusic.com, www.lmsrecords.com

iStudio logo with website


www.istudio.com веб сайт профессионалов и любителей мира моды, кино и шоу бизнеса.
www.istudio.com место встречи моделей, актеров, фотографов, режиссеров, продюсеров, кастинг-директоров и агентов, дизайнеров, стилистов и других профессионалов индустрии.
www.istudio.com самая быстро развивающаяся социальная сеть, которая предоставляет уникальные привилегии: возможность бесплатной загрузки до 100 фотографий, трансляцию видео с YouTube и, главное, информацию о кастингах и конкурсах во всем мире!
Создай свою страницу, загрузи портфолио, опубликуй кастинг, найди необходимых для проекта персон и работу в любой части света!
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Chinese Songwriters Are Mad and They Ain't Going To Take It Anymore

A fair amount of fuss was made regarding Music Copyright Society of China's (MCSC) announcement that it had reached an licensing agreement with Baidu, China's top online infringer of copyrights. MCSC even announced that they had received their first royalty payment from China's largest search engine (Yes, Baidu is like merging Google with the old Napster). Finally, a major breakthrough that should please everyone, especially Chinese songwriters, right?
Not quite. On the same day MCSC made their announcement, famous chinese songwriter and producer Xiaosong Gao posted an open letter on his sina blog titled "A letter to my colleagues of the Chinese Songwriters Copyright Alliance." He was joined by several songwriters such as Xiao Ke and Yadong Zhang in launching the Chinese Songwriters Copyright Alliance (CSCA) a couple of days earlier to fight the egregious copyright infringement by Baidu and negotiate on behalf of songwriters not represented by MCSC. Within days, CSCA soon attracted hundreds of new members.
Xiaosong Gao established MaiTian Music, which used to be China's largest record label, and now lives in the Los Angeles where he works in film and music sector. He also served as Director of Entertainment for SOHU.com, one of the most popular portals in China. So Gao certainly has a stake in what happens in China on the copyright front, the credibility to speak out and understanding of China's online market.
By Eric de Fontenay
this article was co-written with Xingyue Peng

Read more at http://mi2nmusicpr.livejournal.com/50565.html

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Top US Producer Management Company Joe D'Ambrosio Management, Inc Opens European Office

Former EMI Continental Europe and Capitol France executive Emily Gonneau will be running the European office as liaison between the JDMI roster and their European clientele. Ms. Gonneau is a graduate of the Sorbonne and speaks English, French, Spanish and German.
"With all the opportunity that exists throughout the European market, our roster of Brit Award and Grammy-winning producers, mixers, arrangers and songwriters will have more localized access to top quality representation on European soil via Ms. Gonneau," says D’Ambrosio. “We are very excited to offer our roster hands-on European representation, continuing our growth towards becoming a worldwide management firm."
In its tenth year of operation, Joe D'Ambrosio Management represents such talent as Tony Visconti, Hugh Padgham, Elliot Scheiner, Kevin Killen, Joe Zook, Larry Gold, Rob Mounsey and Thom Monahan among others.
JDMI’s clientele have worked with U2, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Rihanna, David Bowie, Beyonce, OneRepublic, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Sting, Shakira, Pink, Kaiser Chiefs, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey, Ayo, Raphael, Norah Jones, Modest Mouse, Beck, Justin Nozuka, The Roots, Fujiya & Miyagi, Little Joy, Angelique Kidjo and hundreds of others.
For more on Joe D’Ambrosio Management/Europe: www.jdmanagement.com

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China's Major Online Music Providers Form Industry Association

The first instance of an industry-coordinating organization of online music operators and online music content providers – The Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI) – was established in Beijing. China Records Corporation, Shanghai Synergy Group, Ocean Butterflies International, Yuehua Music, Rock Mobile, Chia Tai Music Group and other content providers, QQ.com, Top100, A8, Baidu and other online and related businesses, and China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom operators became launch member organizations. Mr. Li Xiong, Director of the Cultural Market Division for the Ministry of Culture of the PRC, attended and gave a speech.
At the inaugural meeting, the first batch of more than 20 member organizations issued the "Digital Music Industry Declaration" and jointly signed the "Alliance of the Digital Music Industry Convention" committing jointly to comply with the basic principles of "abiding by the laws and regulations, implementation of genuine, insistence on original, and orderly operations." The purpose of this would be to establish mechanisms for the healthy development of the online music industry, specify industry business behaviors, and together promote and protect the healthy development of the digital music industry in accordance with the law. Also in the Convention, the production of legal industry products, regulation of the industry’s competitive system, encouragement of more original works, and the handling of internal industry disputes, and many other issues were agreed to.

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Swurvradio.com And Tagur Footwear Partner To Offer Fans Stand Out Design Contest

Swurvradio.com, one the world's most popular internet radio stations has partnered with world famous Tagur Footwear to present Swurvradio fans, an opportunity to design an exclusive sneaker, which will be mass produced and sold around the globe. @swurvradio and @Tagur are both trending international topics on the powerful social network Twitter, as well as many of the more popular social sites. Tagur has made an international impact as a custom designed sneaker producer, with a unique twist on bringing exclusively branded footwear to the world market. Swurvradio.com has led the internet radio market for more than six years and its brand is recognized in more than one hundred fifty-five countries worldwide. Swurvradio.com was nominated in 2011 for an SEA Award, alongside Sirius Radio, in the "Top Internet/Satellite Radio Station" category.
Second home to many of the radio industry's major market DJ's, http://www.Swurvradio.com, looks to continue its leadership role in the internet market and welcome's it newest product partner Tagur Footwear, as an addition to its role as a taste maker and fan advocate.